From September 30 2021 maybe you have problem with validation of our certificate. Please, update your client software:

We have transport/gateway to telegram! In your client use service discovery and register your phone number in international format to telegram.jabbim.com .

We now support connection via TOR: mrbenqxl345o4u7yaln25ayzz5ut6ab3kteulzqusinjdx6oh7obdlad.onion, port 5222 . After you install TOR use Socks5 proxy 9050 (Tor client) or 9150 (Tor Browser) and this hostname in your client (Psi+ recommended).

Why do others use Jabbim?

  • Open protocol - choose your client yourself
  • Flawless communication with users of Google Talk, LiveJournal Talk, Gizmo, and many other XMPP-enabled services and public Jabber servers
  • No ads, no spam
  • Mobile phones - use Jabbim from your cell phone, don't spend money on SMS
  • Broad range of transports and services
    • Gateways for AIM, Yahoo!, SkypeNEW, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook...
    • Up to 1GB of data storage
    • Weather forecast
    • Live community support in online multi-user conference
    • Local services for Czech, Polish and Slovak users - train and bus timetables, dictionaries, SMS gateways, TV schedules, etc.

What is Jabbim?

Jabbim is an Instant Messaging service. It allows you to send messages to your friends in almost-real time. Jabbim services are free of charge.

Modern technology

  • Jabbim is based on state-of-art messaging technology - the XMPP/Jabber protocol. It allows us to get in touch wherever we are, no matter what we are doing - sitting at our home desktop, travelling with a notebook, using PDA in a tram or cell phone in the mountains.
  • Jabbim is a robust, secure service and uses encryption to protect your messages.


  • You can use Jabbim services with just your mobile phone. Save on the SMS, pay for the real data transmitted.


  • Jabbim is amongst the world's most reliable XMPP/Jabber servers.


  • Since Jabbim makes use of the modern XMPP protocol, our users can chat with users of other modern IM servers, like Google Talk, LiveJournal Talk, WP Spik, Gizmo Project, Tipic IM, Jabber.org and many others.
  • Moreover, users can access non-XMPP networks and communicate with their users via the gateways. Jabbim offers access to the closed networks like SkypeNEW, AIM, Yahoo! IM, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, Twitter as well as to the IRC.

Open solution

  • The use of the open, extensible and modern protocol - XMPP - gives Jabbim and its users a great potential of services and the confidence of compatibility.
  • Users can use services such as saving up to gigabyte of data to the Jabber disk, sending SMS, dicitonaries, TV schedule, weather forecast, train and bus timetables and so on. Our developers are working night and day to offer Jabbim users something new again.

Try Jabbim. It's cool.

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